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Looking for League Sponsors

09/11/2017, 10:15am PDT

One thing that makes a great league is a great community

One thing that makes a great league is a great community.  We have a lot of great people that put in a lot of their own time and money to support this league.  Whether it's the Board of Directors, managers, coaches, team parents, scorekeepers, etc. all of these volunteers make the league what it is.  did you know, though, that the league requires a lot of funding to play baseball?  From the cost of lights, uniforms, umpires, field maintenance, and more - these fees add up quickly.  We do our best to stay focused and frugal but there are always times when having extra means doing more for the kids.  

Did you know that we are working with the league to confirm the addition of two more fields at Deleo?  Exciting, but also necessary with all the new development happening.  One thing the County has expressed, though, that they may not be lit.  How awesome would it be to have extra money to come to the table with to help take this project over the top?  Maybe even scoreboards or backstops?  You can see all the stuff we could do with extra sponsorships.  

If you are interested and able, please contact us through the website under the Board section and let us know.  We are in the process of redoing our website to attract more visitors and be the place for everything Temescal Valley Baseball!  Every bit helps!!

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